Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grace and Kindness

I have been involved in an online Bible study group called Good Morning Girls for the last couple of weeks.  This is what I got out of today’s reading.
Ephesians 2:6-7
"And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:  that in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus."
Because I believed on Christ as my Saviour, I will be raised from the dead to sit with Christ in Heaven.  Me.  I know I don’t deserve it, and it has nothing to do with who I am, or how much money I have, or because of anything I have done.  It is all because of who Christ is, and because of the fact that He paid for my sins on the cross after living a sinless life.  I can’t go through an entire day without sinning.  I don’t know of anyone who can.  No matter how good you are it just can’t be done.
God will spend eternity showing us His never ending grace and kindness.  It is by His grace that we are saved.  He didn’t have to save me or to love me, but He does because I trusted in Christ.  Even though I have surely brought Him shame because of my actions or thoughts, His grace abounds and He forgives me.  What a mighty God we serve!
He loves us enough that He has, through Christ, brought us into His presence.  He is never too busy to listen to me when I call on Him.  He cares about my every need and problem - big or small.  One day I will physically be in His presence.  On that day I will get to see my Saviour face to face.  Oh what a day that will be!
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