Thursday, February 23, 2012


God forgives easily.  It is man who has trouble with it.  Many times we believe that we must pay penance before forgiveness is achieved.  We often pass judgment on whether or not God has forgiven someone else.  How arrogant can we be? 
Forgiveness is a personal matter, and we should not presume to know anything about the relationship between God and another person.  Yes, by their fruits ye shall know them, but that is talking about whether or not a person is saved. 
You cannot assume that if a person goes to church they are right with God.  Neither can you assume that if a person does not go to church that they are not right with God.  It is the same with forgiveness.  You cannot assume to know whether a person is forgiven or not.  God thinks on a different level than we do.  He has the capability of forgiving anyone anything.  Forgiveness shows in the heart, not always on the surface.
Often people think that if they can’t see that someone has been forgiven, then it must not have happened.  That is making assumptions according to man not God.  That leads people to judge, and judging should be left to the ultimate judge, our heavenly Father.  Let’s leave the things of God to God Himself, and worry about our own relationship with Him.
It is my desire to one day hear, “Well done thou good and faithful servant,” and it will have nothing to do with anyone or anything else except my personal relationship with God.

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