Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Negative Turned into a Positive

Many times we don’t understand why God allows hurtful things to happen in our lives.  For a time, all we can see are the negative aspects of a situation.
Recently, I went through such a time.  I grieved for what I had lost.  Even though I had been unhappy for several months, I thought that my family belonged where we were.  I was fighting God “tooth and toenail” to stay right where I was.  I kept telling myself this was where I belonged.  I couldn’t see any other possibilities.
I finally let go and gave it all to God.  When I did, He opened another door.  When I stepped through it I knew that this was what God had been preparing for my family and me.
We become so single minded that we don’t think that the unfamiliar could be as good as or better than what we already know.  God always wants what is best for us.  We just have to step out in faith to receive His generous blessings 

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